Choosing your ‘tude

April 23, 2013

Choosing your ‘tude

Hazel’s House is an online clothing store based in New Zealand.  When she’s not attempting to source exclusive brands at non-exclusive prices, Hazel sometimes writes blog posts…

I am well aware that all of my “problems” are first world problems, but that doesn’t stop me from sometimes having a wee pity party.  This party is usually held about 07:45am on any given week day and has a VIP guest list of one.

My moods are quite weather dependant, I’m somewhat solar powered, so any more than 72 hours of rain and I’m fighting the urge to call in sick and go back to bed – indefinitely.

Last Wednesday morning I was driving to work, wearing my pity party hat, jacked up on pity party food, and I thought ‘right, between now and the office you have to find three things that make you smile’.

The very next thing I laid eyes on, was a dead pukeko on the road, his mate was pacing on the road side, back and forth, calling and calling, and when I tried to avoid the carcass while simultaneously giving a sympathetic wave to the grieving widow, I found myself centimetres from the oncoming path of a milk tanker ‘great’ I thought ‘so far, so good’.

There was to be no backing out of the new challenge however, and just up the road there was a litter of kune kune piglets in a paddock, all hanging out near the fence and loving the wet grass.  I did a little “eeeeeeeep!” and considered stopping to take a pic of them, but I was running late (of course).

Further up the road there were some goats in a paddock, someone had given them a couch to play on and they were having the time of their lives, running up and over, bouncing off the arms and boinging around. ‘One day I’m gonna get a goat’ I thought ‘and I’m gonna give it a couch to play on’.  Thought about messaging my goat loving friend to tell her that goats really enjoy couch based activities, but it’s illegal to text and drive…

I deviated from my usual route, and meandered down Peacockes Road.  Imagine my delight when I was the only car on the road the whole way!  No tractors pulled out and accelerated to a top speed of 40km/hr, no cattle trucks or school buses, not even a recycling truck – this was a great idea!

As I neared the urban outskirts of the mighty metropolis of Hamiltron, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself near the house of a childhood friend.  I took the express train down memory lane, and reminisced about riding our bikes up the road to the dairy, and remembered the time that one of us decided to take the Moonhopper to the shop and back – epic fail!


A classic example of a Moonhopper – great for use on the driveway, not ideal for a trip to the dairy

I came flying over the hill, hair flying in the wind, spokey dokeys whirring in the wheels, hands wrapped tightly around rubber grips…OK, not really, I was in the car, but I was pumped to see there was no traffic at the lights, or any of the lights that followed, and I arrived at the office before my boss.  Just when I thought my positivity had peaked, I found some dishes perfect for poached eggs, then blew my own mind when I discovered the microwave changes direction each time you start it – eggs were poached to perfection!

So in 30 minutes, I turned my pity party into a perfectly poached egg party – the power of a positive attitude huh?

The fun continued after hours, when I caught up with an agent to view some ranges for the online store.  She and I hit it off immediately, she was so enthusiastic and encouraging, and very excited about Hazel’s House, and I went home on top of the world!

I arrived home to find that mum had commenced preparation for the party of the year on Saturday (Dad’s 60th).  Centre pieces had been lovingly constructed, using jars, kitty litter and candles.  Yes kitty litter.  How the lady ended up with two daughters in events is anyone’s guess.

Knives, forks, plates and glasses were at the ready, along with bowls, platters, serving spoons and water pitchers, all arranged a full three days pre-event.  She’s nothing if not organised our mum!

The idea was that Thursday would be a bigger, better version of Wednesday, I’d find so much more stuff to be positive about and further prove my choose your ‘tude theory…but alas it wasn’t to be!  The cat woke me up at 4am, digging his needle like claws into my scalp.  At 5am mum decided it was the perfect hour to colour her hair in my bathroom.  At 5:45 am the alarm went off and at 6am I was ready to pound the pavement.

My pavement pounding partner and I managed to do a third of our usual track, in double the time, and unanimously agreed that we both needed to get off the wine, give up the cheese, and get back on the wagon!

Dad took my car to work, which contained the shoes that I had decided to wear, ruining my whole outfit and sending me into a state of moderate anxiety as I started the process of pulling everything out of the wardrobe: “I’ve got nothing to wear!!”.  The flow on effect was that I left 14 minutes after my scheduled departure time.

Peacockes Road let the team down, the rural delivery post van managed to keep the queue’s speed under 60km/hr.  The traffic lights were backed up for miles, the soccer moms were out in force in their Ford Explorers, and I arrived at the office (late) to find that I’d forgotten my eggs.

Friday had to be better than Thursday…I awoke to find the house in total darkness.  In fact the entire town was in total darkness.  Something had blown up at the some place and the whole town had no power for 12 hours.  On the bright side, my make up looked amazing when done by candle light!

Choosing my ‘tude – definitely something I can work on.

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