Countdown | Chicken and Veggie Soup

April 25, 2017

While I am solar powered and love the sun, I also secretly look forward to winter and the convenience of a good, nutritious soup made in the slow cooker while I get stuff done.

I love to sneak a sachet of King Traditional Soup Mix into the slow cooker, and was extra excited to see that not only have they brought out a GF version, but the whole range is also on price lockdown at Countdown.

Usually I would use a chicken carcass or two (I believe “frame” is the more polite way to say “carcass”), but went for chicken legs, they were on spesh at Countdown and add a bone broth like component to the soup.

You can add whatever you like to the soup and it will work out fine, I used celery and the spring onions/leeks because that’s what we had – pop in some potatoes if you prefer your soup thicker.

I used King Traditional Soup Mix Gluten Free Vegetable because it works best for me, the King Traditional Soup Mix Country Chicken or the King Traditional Soup Mix Vegetable would be perfect.

Countdown | Chicken and Veggie Soup

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Serves: 6 Prep Time: Cooking Time:


  • 6 x chicken legs (I leave the skin on)
  • 2 litres of water
  • 4 x stock cubes
  • ½ celery
  • 2 x spring onions that had grown into leek-like things
  • 1 packet King Traditional Soup Mix Gluten Free Vegetable


This soup was super easy to make:

  • Add ingredients to slow cooker
  • Put slow cooker on high
  • Wait
  • When the meat starts falling off the legs, pull the bones out and discard
  • (I also pulled the spring onion/leeks out because they’d done their thang)
  • Wait
  • When the meat is super tender and the vegies are soft, the soup is ready
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