Fashion Trends for 2018

February 24, 2018

1. Fine Lines

Spaghetti straps are making a comeback, but not as we know them. Slips and camis and bralettes are a wardrobe staple for every season this year. Comfortable, versatile, classic and feminine this look ticks all the boxes.

Layer your favourite pieces to mix up your look. We love the NZ made Minicami bralettes (available in racer back, halter neck and classic back) under a classic NZ made Loaf & Coco cami available in toffee and black.

There’s no rules when it comes to straps showing. Straps and even a sneak peek of lace are on display in restaurants, cafes and bars across the country and we love it!

Linen Shorts

2. Linen

Linen is fabric’s superfood. Durable, versatile, comfortable and oh so wearable, linen is definitely worth the investment. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, and we are loving its revival this year.

Local NZ designers like Jordan Noah are bringing collections full of classic styles in lightweight linen, like the Allure Rouche Dress with chunky rouche detailing and a deep V front and back, and the wide legged Oslo Tie Pant with feature pockets.

Linen is a natural fabric, and is suitable for all seasons, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. You might surprise yourself when your new linen pants knock your activewear tights from top spot on the pants list.

3. Pastels

Pastel pink isn’t going anywhere this year and is being joined by mint, lavender and pastel blue. Whether used as an accent tone, or head to toe, pastels are going to be seen everywhere, from bars to the boardroom.

For those who aren’t sure how to break away from their classic black, try introducing a pastel accessory like a handbag, or a pair of killer heels. We are convinced you’ll be snuggling up in a chunky pastel knit come winter.

Pastels remind us ice cream and candy floss and My Little Pony, so you can’t help but feel happy and playful. While the experts might disagree, we think that anyone can pull off pastel, and we encourage you to shop around to find your perfect hue.

Pastel Jumper
Hair Bow

4. Bows

Bows on shoulders, bows on shoes and now bows in your hair are making a comeback – we are excited for this one. Bows combined with the rest of this year’s trends look a lot like a feminine revival to us.

Pants and shorts with statement bows tied at the waist, satin, leather and even velvet shoes with bows on the toes or at the ankle, there are bows galore this year. Like all of this years trend, if it makes you uncomfortable you can start small.

Step back to the 90’s and dig out your ribbon collection, start with a bow in your hair and ease into it. You might surprise yourself and enjoy the feminine touch to your outfits, and before you know it you’ll have a bow to go with every ensemble!

5. Ethical and Sustainable

More than ever, the trend is towards being a more conscious consumer, and that can only be a good thing. Buying from local designers is a great way to get to know a brand and their values.

Jes Lee from Good On You tells us the best places to start with her top five ethical and sustainable New Zealand fashion labels, including Kow Tow for luxe casual and Thunderpants for undergarments.

Buying from brands that can prove their supply chain is ethical means you are supporting fair working conditions, sustainable practises and environmental awareness. The best way to support the people doing the right thing is with your purse.

Ethical Sewing
Hazel Signature

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