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March 30, 2017
Pepper & Me Spice Pastes

I like Cherie. Cherie is a GB. Not only is Cherie really nice, but she has developed her very own range of spice pastes, rubs and grinds that she sells on her Pepper & Me website.

I use something from the Pepper & Me range in every single thing I make. I no longer have salt and pepper in the cupboard, and have even started making my own mayo thanks to her amazing Man Rub Mayo recipe.

I love that Cherie keeps it real and tells it like it is. She is always super nice and very approachable, this morning I messaged her to ask her how to tell if the pork roast was OK, and she came straight back with some great tips (it’s not OK bee tee dubs).

Cherie is a boss (she’s got the chair to prove it), and a wife and a mum, and you should buy her stuff because it takes balls to put yourself out there and invest in an idea that you hope will be a dream come true.

I’ve put together some recipes that I tried out on Julio…



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