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March 18, 2017

Sara has always been cooler than me. As babies, I was the generic blue eyed blondie (or more honestly the blue eyed baldie), and she was blue eyed with beautiful dark ringlets. She’s a hair stylist (and an award winning one at that!), and I’m an accountant (with no awards). Even now, my boyfriend is a farmer and her boyfriend is a stunt bike rider…

Sara has always been a trendsetter, she likes to remind me that she wore Chuck Taylors waaaaaay before they were cool (albeit with a different colour on each foot), she coloured her hair in vibrant blues and purples before Katy Perry. You get the point, she’s cool. I’m really not.

Our friendship though, it’s a lasting one, it’s a true one, and holy heck am I grateful for her. So now this cool, trend setting, super loyal human has opened her very own salon, Dime Friday, at Mount Maunganui.

Sara does an ah-mazing blonde (which is actually pretty rare), but she also does a “bloody racy do” (Julio’s words) on guys also. So even though she’s the furthest thing from Just Cuts, Sara’s salon is family friendly.

When we were putting together the Dime Friday website (with The Kellys), we wanted to express that Sara’s salon is by no means pretentious or intimidating – we know that going to a new salon can be daunting. Although she has the legs of a supermodel, Sara does not have the ego of one, and I promise that she is good.  So good.

So if you’re in the Bay, or around the corner in Rotovegas, or over the hill in the Mighty ‘Kato, you need to get online and book an appointment.  Now. If you say that Hazel sent you, she will give you a special gift! (Hint: it starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘oncrete Candle)

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KaboodleMum March 22, 2017 at 1:10 am

I want to be sara!


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