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February 24, 2018

1. Damn You Fine

Beautifully crafted fine rings, dainty chains and simple earrings are on trend for this year. Clean lines, and delicate settings show off the excellent craftswomanship of the Layla Kaisi Collection.

Fine jewellery is understated and sophisticated, but still adds sparkle and shine to your life any day of the week. Delicate pieces work with any look and any occasion and can be easily mixed and matched for a new look each time.

Layered necklace
Stacked Rings

2. Stack ‘Em High

Keeping it fine doesn’t mean that less is more, more can still be more. Layering fine rings and delicate chains can change up a look and freshen your collection every time you wear it. The Layla Kaisi Collection

Stacking rings and layering necklaces offers an elegant understated look that is perfect for work or play. There are no rules when it comes to mixing your metals, so silver with gold is definitely OK by us – and every piece you see is available in both!

3. Keep It Simple

Simplicity never goes out of style. You will never regret buying something simple and elegant that you can treasure through the trends for years to come. Your pieces from the Layla Kaisi Collection are just like your faithful LBD piece that you can pull out and put on for any occasion.

All of the rings, necklaces and earrings in Layla’s handcrafted range are designed to be simple for maximum wear and enjoyment but minimum fuss. Because every piece is made to order, Layla can customise any item just for you.

Keep It Simple
Coloured Ring

4. Colour Your World

A simple Sapphire, a touch of Tourmaline, a pop of colour is very on trend this season. Opals are always a good idea, and offer a depth and variation not matched by many other gems. Forget about birth stones, choose a gem you love and make it your own.

The Layla Kaisi Collection incorporates beautiful stones in colours from yellow and green to pink and red. Layla’s use of stones is subtle and classic but always unique. All gems are hand picked by Layla with you in mind.

5. Conflict Free

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but offering a product that is ethical should always be on trend. The Layla Kaisi Collection is so proud to offer a complete range with diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free.

Layla only purchases from sources she knows and trusts, and who can prove that the diamonds they supply are conflict free. Conflict free diamonds are ethically mined and sold with no connection to terror or criminal groups.

Conflict Free Diamond
Hazel Signature

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