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May 15, 2017
Ubco 2x2

Look, I need to be honest, I’m not a fan of motorbikes. I don’t rate the noise and the smell, and the whole clutch, front brake, back brake thing kinda blows my mind.

I can ride the, dare I say it, archaic quad bike when feeding calves or picking up sticks (legitimate #farmwifelife activity), but a quad isn’t suitable for moving stock on the undulating King Country hills.

Without sounding silly, the Ubco 2×2 has been a game changer at our place. Meridian Energy organised for Ubco to lend me an electric bike for a couple of weeks, and I’m putting together a business case stating why I neeeeed one.

The Ubco 2×2 is silent when it idles and doesn’t get above a whisper at full speed. I am a huge fan. Obviously running costs are low (very low), and it will always start even on the frostiest of mornings (unless you forget to charge it).

Here’s four good reasons you need an Ubco 2×2:
1. There’s zero stress on stock

Julio and I had to do a bit of ram wrangling (much easier than it sounds when 40% of the flock is hand reared). I went up and around the ram, and he didn’t bat an eyelid. He did raise an eyebrow and wonder if I was Princess Jasmine however…

We’ve got some dairy cows in the house paddock for Mumma’s Retreat 2017. They are (mildly) lame, and for obvious reasons shouldn’t be skipping around the place – an absolute non-issue with the Ubco 2×2.

2. You’ll have no bulls at the gate

Bulls scare the be-jeepers out of me. That’s putting it politely. You don’t know the meaning of “like a bull at a gate” until there’s 36 of them and you’ve got a phobia.

Crisis averted with the Ubco 2×2. Those big black and white buggers don’t associate the noise of the Ubco 2×2 with fresh grass, because the Ubco 2×2 doesn’t make a noise! It buys me enough time to shift breaks and take deep breaths before I cut them loose.

3. You can make yourself useful

I typically limit my stock work to animals under 100kg (except when working in the equine division), mainly due to bull-o-phobia mentioned above. But with the Ubco 2×2 I can get amongst it.

I did my first solo (albeit supervised) mob move the other day, which was a bit of a lol, because the only dog command I know is “good boy”. So Sammy looked at me and I motioned towards the animals and when he brought them up I said “good boy!”

4. It’s easy to take it slow

I don’t know how it works (I’m guessing magic), but when you take your hand off the throttle but don’t squeeze the brake, the Ubco 2×2 glides along (silently) at dairy cow walking speed.

The struggle is real when it comes to balancing the throttle and brake when walking the cows to the shed. There is no struggle on an Ubco 2×2, not only can it sneak along, it’s so quiet – a slow quiet walk to the shed makes for a happy herd.

Before you rush out and buy an Ubco 2×2, you can win one of five with my friends at Meridian. To go in the draw, all you need to do is move your dairy farm with Meridian before 30 June – get in touch with the Meridian team to be sure you’re in the running.

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