Move Easy With Meridian | A Visit From Cory

May 2, 2017

My friends at Meridian got in touch recently about a great campaign they are launching aimed at us rural folk. It’s no secret that I’m a rural rookie, but I get in there and give it a nudge and that’s the main thing, right?

Meridian isn’t our current energy provider, but I was interested in what they had to say, so we set about organising a VIP tour for our new friend, Cory.

The place was abuzz at the thought of a VIP guest. The mares were eager to know what was going on. They shouldn’t be larking around in their condition (knocked up with future Group One winners), but they couldn’t contain themselves.

Word travelled through the hedge, and the heifers had FOMO

Even the steers came down from the hill country to be closer to the action.

So Cory arrived, on a whisper quiet Ubco 2×2 electric bike, and I asked him, “do you want to speak to the man in charge? Or the woman who knows what’s going on?”

Cory said, “the latter”, and I said, “well Julio’s mum isn’t here, so I’m going to have to take some veeery detailed notes”.

Well, that’s how I imagined it but in actuality Cory arrived in a branded Mazda and a nice pair of RM Williams boots. Julio was on hand because the Ubco 2×2 had arrived moments earlier and wild horses couldn’t drag him away from that perfect specimen of kiwi ingenuity.

I digress…

So here’s the deal, Meridian are really keen for dairy farmers to do one of two things:

  1. Switch providers if you’re with another energy provider (whether you’re moving or not)
  2. Take them with you when you move on 1 June if they are your current provider

And here is what is commonly known as the incentives:

  1. Go in the draw to win one of five Ubco 2×2 electric bikes
  2. Get a $100 credit for your first meter and a $50 credit for every meter after that
  3. Get a generous prompt payment discount (your preferred merchant can hook you up with a bigger discount, check out the deets here)
  4. Get great service from a bunch of good buggers

Here’s the things I found interesting from our chat with Cory:

  • The $100 credit applies to the first meter billed under each name – the more meters under each entity the more you save
  • The Meridian call centre is in Christchurch – they speak kiwi fluently
  • If you qualify for an on-farm visit you get the number of your agribusiness manager to stick on the fridge – we can call Cory at any time
  • Meridian are very competitive when it comes to shed power – they charge less in summer when the shed is cranking most often

With that in mind, we sent Cory up the road (in his Mazda, not on the Ubco) to our friend and neighbour, Marty. Based on Marty’s latest power bill, Cory crunched the numbers and he reckons Marty will save $900 next season if he moves easy with Meridian. Aaaaaaand he’ll go in the draw to win an Ubco 2×2.

Tune in to my Insta stories to get a dose of me making #farmwifelife look easy (see a classic example below), and plenty of action shots of the Ubco 2×2 – I don’t know what I did without it (we’re gonna have to MOOve to Meridian so I can try and win one!).

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