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May 22, 2017
What Hazel Said | Ubco 2x2

Most days I wake up, bounce out of bed, look out the window and think “ah, this is the life”. But there are some days when #farmwifelife is hard, although coffee helps!

Here’s three times when the struggle has definitely been real down on the farm this month:
1. Separating mobs of bulls

There’s always a mob of bulls needing to be moved from one part of the farm to another. The other week there was a mob of young Jerseys milling on the driveway between here and there looking a bit cute.

I stopped for a selfie (obviously), and crouched down to wait for them to come and sniff my hair when I heard a bellow behind me…there were three HUGE Friesians in the mix who had walked over the Taranaki gate and mixed themselves up with the little fellas.

Julio asked me to “try really hard to stop that big one” as 650kg of beef ran towards me and I waved my arms so hard it looked like I might take flight. I weighed up my options and decided I’d rather let down Julio than be run down by a charging bovine.

2. Sorting the recycling

Obviously when you’re rural, there’s no little green bin at the gate for the contractor to collect. This is not an excuse to skirt your recycling responsibilities, especially when the local school has an array of bins.

The key is to not put all the wine bottles in one bag. You’d think it would be much simpler that way, but the key is to hope no one is counting your trips to the “green glass” bin at the far end.

All plastic is not created equal. Your 1’s and 2’s are welcome at the local primary, but the 5’s and 6’s sit in a neat pile at the end of the row before being returned to the car…where they will stay until the end of time.

3. Catching a rat

If you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen the rat saga. We’ve had a rodent issue in the chalet for quite some time, and we were cohabitating quite happily until the little critters started eating the inside of the air conditioner.

When threats and intimidation didn’t work, Julio put a trap in the roof space…only it was a possum trap and the dainty little rat toes didn’t trip the trap.

So we upgraded (or downgraded – depends how you look at it), to a rat trap and baited it with pork crackle (Julio’s idea after the two different brands of peanut butter failed to result in a capture). Ratty has eaten us out of pork crackle and now Julio Is going for a bacon and Nutella blend.
While #farmwifelife definitely has its challenges, changing your electricity provider doesn’t have to be hard. You can move easy with Meridian this season, and they’ll keep you moving on the farm too. Check out all the reasons you should move here.

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What Hazel Said
What Hazel Said May 22, 2017 at 9:57 pm

That’s Grandad Johansen’s swanny! #vintage

Rebecca Sneddon
Rebecca Sneddon May 23, 2017 at 7:32 pm


Rebecca Sneddon
Rebecca Sneddon May 23, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Stupid return key . . . . . Uncle Tim rocked a vintage swanny today which he had to beg from me as I didn’t need it to travel in the ute, but wind goes through you on the quad 🙂


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