Not Keeping Up With The Joneses | Miss M’s Room

May 4, 2015
Carriage Bed | Keeping up with the Joneses

I need to reiterate that there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping up with the Joneses. Heck, there’s nothing wrong with being the Joneses. I know some Joneses, well they’re actually the Jenkins, and everything they have – I want. But the best thing about them, is that everything they have, they deserve.

This series is for all the people, like me, who waste hours of their lives on Instagram, and then resist the urge to max out the credit cards re-decorating their homes.   It’s OK not to have a #designinspo house, and I’m airing my dirty laundry (literally) to prove it.

Not Keeping up with the Joneses | Miss M's Room

Not Keeping up with the Joneses | Miss M’s Room


This is Miss M’s room, she’s just turned nine, and she stays with us every second weekend.

This is a vast improvement on what she had when I arrived on the scene, I got rid of the blue powder coated bunks with kitten duvets, we moved her into the room with the wardrobe that could hang things (as opposed to the wardrobe that could only stack things), we got her those little white shelves, and she’s also got a super cute retro school desk with a purple chair (that I’m standing on to take this pic).

There are no felt ball garlands (I did think about making some of them once, and some crochet bunting), and there’s no shadow boxes shaped like houses.  She doesn’t have an arrow light, or a teepee with fairy lights and puffy floor cushions.  There’s no decals on the walls, but she does have glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.  I’ve thought about getting her a print, something about moving mountains and not giving a shit about what other people think about her, but instead she’s got a pic of her and her BFF with a lemur.

She’s got liquid chalk and she writes all over her windows, but she’s never asked for a wall covered in blackboard paint (which would be totally do-able as we have a pot in the garage, and her dad is pretty good with a roller).  Maybe because she’s too young for Instagram, she has no idea what she’s missing out on.

I am quite sure that if I told her to Google it (she’s pretty good with Google, once she Googled how to turn herself into a mermaid) she would like her room to look like this:

Carriage Bed | Keeping up with the Joneses

I think that if her and I had to agree (poor dad doesn’t get a say), something more classic like this could work:

Flower Mural | Keeping up with the Joneses

Although she might decide at age 10 that she hates pink, so perhaps we could go for something like this:

Blue Room | Keeping up with the Joneses

Yes, sometimes I worry that she’s deprived because she doesn’t have a geometric feature wall, or a ceramic stag head for her to hang her felt crown on.  I feel bad that she doesn’t have a series of colour coded washsable paper bags to store her toys in, and an assortment of crochet cushions.  I keep saying “I need to make her a crochet blanket” and “I should get Hannah’s mum to make her a quilt” and “we should really get her some new curtains”.  But as of yesterday, that’s it, that’s her room, and there is no way it will be featured in a magazine any time soon, but she’s pretty chuffed with her pink sheets with white hearts, her hand-me-down lava lamp and her 20mL of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

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