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March 9, 2016

Sometimes unexpected things happen, and I was taken aback when an opinion piece I wrote for Stuff three years ago, was shared on social media on Monday.  The timing was a bit unusual, but it got people talking about suicide and depression – and that was the whole idea.  Friends and strangers alike started contacting me, asking for advice and enlightenment when it comes to surviving suicide, and dealing with depression.  Coincidentally, I had already started writing about the therapy that has helped me with my recovery.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a feeler.  I was an “over sensitive” child, always worrying about stray cats and starving children and whether my dad would be called to fight the war in Iraq.  I went to one funeral and sobbed more than all of Myrtle’s grandkids put together, and was banned from attending any more.

High school was pretty hellish, because my perceived confidence made me an easy target for bullies, there’s also the hormonal hiccups, and the teenage heartbreak, and I felt not only my own, but that of my friends too.  Ten years after high school, my bestest friend from school said to me “you know, I never cried when my parents broke up, it’s like I gave the sadness to you, and you cried for me” – it was true!

Sometimes life can feel a bit hard.  You might not be able to identify what it is that’s making you feel burdened, worried and anxious, it might be a combination of things that slowly stack on your shoulders and you become conscious that shit is weighty.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with down days, but my fail proof therapy, is a Soul Power session with Alesha at Vital Balance.  From the first time I met her, Alesha felt like a friend, like our souls had known each other for a long time.  I felt completely at ease, and comforted, just by being in the same space as her.  She also doesn’t flinch when I drop the odd eff bomb, which to me says ‘I accept you as you are, even though you have a terrible potty mouth’.

Soul Power is a little hard to explain, and sometimes when I try and describe it I make it sound a bit like witch craft, and people look at me like maybe I sacrifice small children by the light of the full moon.  I don’t, just FYI.

Soul Power is “a combination of kinesiology (muscle monitoring), energy healing and colour therapy.  Kinesiology is used to determine your body’s balance and assist in correcting any imbalances, along with your energy work using colour to re-energise, revitalise and rebalance your energy flow.  Soul Power creates wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”

But what really happens?  I can give you a quick debrief without telling you all my secrets, ‘cos I’ve got more issues than Vogue!

You walk into the room, and Alesha asks how you are.  Simple question, but never a simple answer with me, the floodgates open and the verbal diarrhoea commences.  In my case she has to interrupt and tell me to sit down and put my feet in the foot bath, she’s so polite though, that she waits until I take a breath (can take up to 10 minutes and 20 eff bombs), by which time the water has usually gone cold – got no one to blame but myself for that minor complaint.

You choose an initiation ritual from the Chinese elements, which is the first indication of which energy Alesha needs to balance.  A couple of times I’ve got Earth, which in short means I need to chill the heck out, but once I couldn’t decide, and went with “the pink one”, which indicated that everything was out of whack – which made complete sense!

You get cosy and Alesha starts to work her magic, some of which includes mind reading, I swear it.  Alesha works through a goal or spiritual lesson, which helps with guidance on your life purpose.  She said something about me being a professional blogger that mainly posts reviews of restaurants with amazing food and expensive wine, but ya know, I’m just taking that with a grain of salt – because it doesn’t sound that great…

Alesha helps to get on the right path to achieving your goal or purpose, so for me she strongly suggested that I get more experience eating at flash restaurants and wobbling out in designer shoes after too much fancy wine – might wait until I have a proper job before I start working towards that!

Alesha then basically tells you exactly what you’re thinking and feeling in the here and now.  It’s like an incredibly intense counselling session, but you don’t need to speak, except to answer her questions like: “have you been really hungry lately?”.  It’s simple questions like that which make the session invaluable, because you realise you’re not a piggy wiggy after all, your energy is just imbalanced – brilliant!

Alesha does some work around what is coming towards you, and basically just helps you see a light at the end of what might have been a tunnel when you arrived.  Sometimes Alesha will suggest drops to take or oil to use, but her sales technique is about as good as mine (terrible), so you never feel pressured to purchase what she has offered.

You leave the session with what can only be described as “lightness”, the noise in your head goes quiet, your confidence is restored, your energy levels have increased, and you walk around like you’re a zen goddess.  Well, I do.  Actually, I walk out, I do a bit of a (subtle) fist pump in the car park, I write a whole lot of ideas in my diary, and I can’t remember why I was so full of self-doubt, because I’m a bad ass bitch, and if anyone has got this, I fucking got this!

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Faye Elizabeth March 9, 2016 at 8:26 pm

That sounds amazing. I’m about to head to my doctors soon to talk about things that have been getting me down and I don’t feel like I have an outlet. I will have to look into this x

Hazel March 9, 2016 at 9:10 pm

Definitely try something that’s not mainstream. I found Alesha using an online directory for natural therapies. Good luck x

Faye Elizabeth March 10, 2016 at 4:39 am

Thanks 🙂 I will have to do some research

Leigh Taylor March 9, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Great read! Love it and sending big squeezy American hug You’re my hero. Xx

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Hazel March 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Right back at you xx

Hazel March 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Right back at you xx

Hazel March 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Right back at you xx

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