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December 31, 2016

Hi 2015 Me, it’s 2016 Me here.  I know that you’ve been telling yourself “next year is going to be my year”, so do you want the good news or the bad news?  As you count down to “my year”, I need you to stop.

Stop hanging out with assholes.  Stop spending time with people who make you feel like shit.  Don’t associate with people who are psychopaths or sociopaths or pathological liars.  I know it feels like you’re surrounded by people who take joy in putting others down – it won’t always be this way.

Stop fighting for that future.  That is not your future, and when you realise that it’ll hurt like hell, but believe me when I say it is for the best. Let him lock in the ugly house plan, let him decide on an awful colour scheme, don’t try and justify a sink in the scullery – you will never live in that house (nor see most of your possessions again).

Stop applying for jobs you know you’ll hate.  You are not cut out for the 9 to 5 (more like 7!) bean counting life.  You are not made to work in teams that don’t consider you a valued member and you are so done with bosses like that.  Stop telling yourself the only way forward is to work 50 hours a week for someone else.

Stop doubting yourself.  Put all of your eggs in your own basket and start believing that those are the best gosh darn eggs you ever did see.  When you start to be impressed by your skills and experience other people will appear who are impressed too.  You always fight for the underdog and for most of 2016 the underdog will be you, fight for your own damn self.

Stop thinking about giving up.  I know you’ve been pushing shit up hill in a shopping trolley for a loooong time.  I know you’re exhausted, and I know you think that you will be one of those unemployed, single losers for the rest of your life.  You won’t be, your luck is about to change.

Stop settling.  Stop settling for jobs you don’t love, stop settling for the one with the broken wing.  Just because you couldn’t save one, doesn’t mean you need to try and save them all.  Some people don’t want to be saved, some people don’t deserve to be saved.

Stop taking everything so personally.  Even as 2016 Me types that to 2015 Me, I know it’s a waste of words.  You will always be a sensitive soul, your heart will always hurt more than most, one day soon you’ll find someone who won’t make you feel like it’s a weakness.

Stop listening to the shit other people say about you.  You are not fake, you are not a liar, you are not manipulative, you are not intense.  Don’t worry that people don’t like you – most people don’t even like themselves.  You are deserving of good things, you will get the good life.

I know that there will be times when you won’t believe it, but this really is your year babes.   You are descended from vikings, you are tough, you are brave, you are strong and sometimes you’ve gotta break before you shine.

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